How to Sign up for a Squarespace Account - dummies

How to Sign up for a Squarespace Account

By Kris Black

Signing up for your Squarespace account is easy. You don’t need to worry about purchasing your account up front because you can create a trial account for free. Simply choose a template, provide your first and last name, use a valid e-mail address, enter a password, and — voila — you have a website ready for customization.

Signing up is quick and easy. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Squarespace.

    You arrive at the Squarespace home page.


  2. Click the Get Started button to display the template selection page.


  3. Choose a template.

    The template selection page shows you all the templates Squarespace offers, organized into three main categories: business, portfolios, and blogging. You can choose to scroll through all the templates, or you can narrow your search to one of the preceding categories. Then:

    1. a.Hover your mouse over a template.

    2. b.Click the template to display further information and to see some examples of customer sites using that template.

      Don’t get too caught up or flustered with choosing your template. You can easily change your template after you have signed up for the free trial account.

    3. c.When you find a template you like, click the Start with This Design button.

      The Create Your website signup screen appears.

  4. In the Name fields, type your first and last names.

    Your first and last names are used to create your Squarespace account name, which in turn is added to the beginning of your website’s unique URL.

    If you want to use John Smith as your account name, for example, type John in the First Name field and Smith in the Last Name field.

    If you’re creating an account for your business or brand, you can use your business or brand name in the first and last name fields.

    Squarespace account names must begin with a letter and must be 3–25 characters. You can use letters, numbers, and hyphens in the account name.

  5. Provide a valid e-mail address.

    Make sure that the e-mail address is one you use routinely because Squarespace uses that address to send important notifications about your account.

    If you’re creating your second, third, or fortieth website with Squarespace, you can use the same e-mail address you used for another Squarespace account. You will have one less bit of login information to remember, and you will also be able to switch to another one of your Squarespace accounts by clicking the Squarespace logo in Site Manager.

  6. In the Password field, type a secure password.

    When creating a password, don’t use obvious options such as your account name or the words square or space. And don’t share your password.

    Choosing a secure password is important. You can find many online articles on how to create a secure password. The best passwords are ones that are a combination of real words and numbers assembled in a phrase that is neither predictable nor discernable. To check your password’s security, check out How Secure Is My Password?

  7. Click the Create Your website button.

That’s all there is to it! You have an official Squarespace account, and a website that’s ready for you to customize and fill with content.