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How to Reset Your Customizations on Squarespace

By Kris Black

What if you don’t like a modification you made to an element on Squarespace but forgot what the settings were before you made your adjustments? Worse yet, what if you made several modifications to your template, saved your changes, and then decided that you wanted to erase everything you did and start over? Fortunately, Squarespace has you covered and provides solutions for both situations.

How to revert changes before saving

As you make adjustments in Style Editor, each changed element in the style lists sports a small dot to its left. This dot indicates that the element has had an adjustment or change made to it since you entered Style mode or last saved your changes to Style Editor.


To revert changes to an element, do the following:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the dot.

    The dot changes to an x.

  2. Click the x to remove any changes.

    Because you’ve removed the changes you made to the element, the dot next to the element disappears.

After you save your template changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of Style Editor, any dots next to elements you modified are removed, and you can’t revert individual elements to a previous state. However, you can still revert everything to a previous state. Read on.

How to reset all changes

If you want to undo everything you have ever done to your template — reverting it to how the template looked before you customized anything — follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reset button, which appears at the bottom of Style Editor.

  2. Confirm or cancel resetting your template.

    This is your last chance to change your mind about removing all changes you made to your template. Confirming to reset the template is permanent and cannot be undone, even by Squarespace Support. If you are having second thoughts or do not want to proceed, click the Cancel button.