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How to Manage Inventory on Your Website via Squarespace

By Kris Black

With Squarespace, you can add multiple products pages to your site to organize products in your store. Whether you take this approach or just use a single products page, using the Inventory area of Commerce will allow you to centrally manage all products across your entire site.

The Inventory area displays your products in a list view with the following information about each product:

  • Product name: The name of the product as it appears on your site.

  • Variants: Physical products only. The variants of the product, if any.

  • Price: The price of the product, and for physical products, the price of each variant. If your product is on sale, the sale price is displayed next to the original price.

  • Remaining stock: The remaining stock of a product is calculated based on the number of units you indicate in a product’s Edit Product dialog box in the Pricing and Variants options. Digital products display an infinity symbol because their stock is unlimited.


You can add a product to a products page in Site Settings→Content Manager. You can also add a product to your store from Site Settings→Commerce→Inventory as follows:

  1. Click the Add Product button.

    The Select a Page dialog box appears.

  2. Choose the products page.

    If you only have one products page on your site, select the only page that appears. If you have more than one products page on your site, select the page from the list. After you select your page, the Select Product Type dialog box appears.


  3. Click the type of product you are adding: a physical product or a digital download.

  4. Add your product content.

    Although you can save a product without any content in the Edit Product dialog box, you should add a title representing what the product is.

  5. Save your product.

    If you want to finalize your product later, click the Save button to save it as a Not Listed item. To instantly publish the product on your site to sell, click Save & Publish.

You can open a product’s Edit Product dialog box by clicking a product in the list.

Click the products icon on the far right of a product in the list to view the product page on your site.