How to Manage Coupons on Your Website via Squarespace

By Kris Black

If you want to offer customers an incentive for ordering from your site, you may want to offer coupon codes. Squarespace allows you to do this easily. To begin, go to Site Manager→Commerce→Coupons.

Then to create a coupon, do the following:

  1. Click the Add Coupon button.

    The Create a Coupon dialog box appears.

  2. Choose the coupon type:

    • Any order: Apply a discount to any order.

    • Orders at least: Apply a discount to orders over a specified subtotal.

    • Products by category: Apply a discount to products in a certain category.

    • Single product: Apply a discount to a specific product.

    After you choose the coupon type, the Select Discount Type dialog box appears.

  3. Choose the discount type.

    You may be able to create three types of discounts, depending on the coupon type you selected in Step 2:

    • Flat Discount: The discount is a flat dollar amount.

    • Percentage Discount: The discount is a percentage of the cost.

    • Free Shipping (Any Order and Orders at Least only): The discount is free shipping on the entire order.

    After you select the discount type, the Edit Coupon dialog box appears.

  4. Configure your coupon.

    The following configuration settings are available for all coupons:

    • Coupon name: Provide a name that describes the coupon.

    • Promo code: Create your own promo code, or let Squarespace generate a random code for you.

    The following configuration settings are available depending on the coupon type and discount type you choose in the preceding steps:

    • Discount: Provide a discount to be applied to an order.

    • Minimum order total: Provide the minimum subtotal to which a discount will be applied. This option is available only to discount types in the Orders at Least coupon category.

    • Categories: Select the category to apply a discount to when you create a Products by Category coupon.

    • Find a product: Select the product from your inventory to apply a discount to when you create a Single Product coupon type.


  5. Set the duration of the coupon.

    At the top of the Edit Coupon dialog box, click the Duration link to view the duration settings. Set the beginning and end date and time the coupon will be active on your site.

  6. Save your coupon by clicking the Save and Publish button.