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How to Link to Pages, Files, and Other Websites on Squarespace

By Kris Black

The heart of any website is its content. When adding content, you may have the option in Squarespace to turn content into a link to a page or a file on your site or on an external website.

You will encounter two link settings in multiple areas on your Squarespace website:

  • Link icon: In areas where you can type text, you can select a word or group of words and click the link icon to turn the selection into a link. Here are a few examples of where you’ll see the Link icon;

    • Text in content blocks

    • Descriptions in image and video blocks

    • Page descriptions

    • Site description


  • Clickthrough URL: In page items and blocks, you might find the Clickthrough URL setting, which turns the page item or content you’re adding in a block into a link. You might see a Clickthrough URL setting in

    • Image blocks

    • Images in a gallery block

    • Images and videos in a gallery page

With either of these settings, the process of adding a link is the same. A small pop-up dialog box will appear with the following options for adding a link:

  • External: Type the URL of the external website. If you want the URL to open in a new window, select the New Window option.


  • Files: You can upload a new file or link to an existing file. You upload a new file in the same way you upload an image. You can drag and drop the file. Or you can click anywhere in the white area to open a system dialog box and find and select a file on your computer.

    If you’ve already uploaded a file to your site, click the Existing File icon and then select the file in the list.

  • Content: Select a page on your site from the list that appears. The pages will be sorted into

    • Blogs

    • Galleries

    • Pages

    • Products

    • Template pages

Adding links to your site is such a common task that it’s handy the process is so easy.

Now that you know how to get around your Squarespace site and use some of the most common features, it’s time to begin creating your website.