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How to Establish an E-mail Address for Posting on Squarespace

By Kris Black

A neat Squarespace feature that many people overlook is that you can publish blog posts by e-mailing them to your blog page. This feature might seem odd because why not just log into your website and publish the post? Well, the following factors might be keeping you from publishing that way:

  • You’re offline. You don’t have Internet access, but you want to go ahead and create a blog post while you’re thinking of it. If your e-mail application allows you to create e-mails when you’re offline, clicking the e-mail’s send button should send the e-mail the next time you have Internet access automatically.

  • You don’t have enough time. You don’t have enough time to publish the post through your website or from the Squarespace mobile app for Android or iOS devices. Sending an e-mail requires less involvement because you have to write only a subject and message in your e-mail app.

  • You want to let someone else post to your blog. You can share your blog’s secret e-mail address with people you trust but don’t want to grant contributor access so that they can send blog posts from their e-mail.

Publishing blog posts to your site by e-mail is easy. First, you must create your blog’s e-mail address in the Configure dialog box.

  1. Open the Configure dialog box for your blog.

  2. Click the Post by Email Address refresh icon (circular arrow) to generate your blog’s e-mail address.

    Clicking the refresh icon, on the far right of the Post by Email Address field, generates a random e-mail address in that field. This is the e-mail address you can use to send your blog posts.

  3. (Optional) Click the refresh icon again to change the e-mail address.

    The old address is removed and a new e-mail address is generated.

  4. Save your page settings.

    Click the Save button at the bottom of the blog settings configuration window.

You can e-mail photos to your blog. If you e-mail a single photo, it is displayed using the image block. Multiple photos are displayed in a single gallery block.

If you want to post a picture to your site but don’t have a lot of time, most smartphones (and some not-so-smart phones) enable you to e-mail photos on your device with a button click. Add your blog’s e-mail address to your phone’s address book to make the process even faster.

If you don’t want to allow blog posts to be posted by e-mail, you can disable the Post by Email Address feature. Click the X icon on the far right of the e-mail address to remove the current e-mail address. To enable the feature again, click the refresh icon to generate another e-mail address.

When posting by e-mail, remember the following:

  • Use the To field. The e-mail address for the blog must be added to the To field of your e-mail message. You can’t use the CC or BCC field.

  • Write in plain text. Don’t use font styling features in your e-mail message or HTML formatted e-mails. (Squarespace strips out your code.)

  • Posting can take a while. You may have to wait from one to ten minutes for your e-mail to post to your site.