How to Edit Images in Squarespace - dummies

How to Edit Images in Squarespace

By Kris Black

After you’ve added your perfect image to an image box on your website design page in Squarespace 6, you will have three options for editing the image:

  • Set the focus of the image: Set the focal point of the image for use in other areas of your site that might display a cropped view of the image.

  • Remove the image: Hover your cursor over the thumbnail of the image in the image box. Click the trash can icon that appears at the top of the image to remove the image.

  • Edit and manipulate the image: Use the built-in image editor, Aviary photo editor, to modify and enhance the image.

These settings will not appear until you hover your cursor over the image in the image box.

How to remove an image in Squarespace

If you need to add a new image to an image box, you must delete the current image in the image box. Do the following:

  1. Hover your cursor over the image in the image box.

    A pencil icon and a trash can icon appear at the top of the image box.

  2. Click the trash can icon.

    The image is immediately deleted from the image box.

Be certain that you want to remove the image because you will not see a confirmation message. After the image is removed, you can’t recover it from your site.

How to focus on an image in Squarespace

Some Squarespace features that display images pulled from other areas of your site automatically crop those images. For example:

  • Gallery pages may crop your images depending on the template you’re using and the settings configured in Style Editor.

  • Gallery blocks may crop images if you have set the block to Auto Crop the images it shows.

  • Summary blocks display cropped thumbnail images you add to the Options settings of a blog post.

When you upload an image to your site, you can set the focus point of the image, which determines which areas won’t be cropped. You set the focus by repositioning the focus ring over the image in the image box.

  1. Hover your cursor over the image in the image box.

    A translucent circle called the focus ring appears.


  2. Drag the focus ring to reposition it.

    Position the focus ring over an area of the image that should be the focal point if the image is cropped.

Repositioning the focus ring will ensure that images used in other areas of your site are displayed as you intended.

How to edit an image with the Aviary photo editor

You may already be familiar with Aviary, the powerful, built-in photo editor in Squarespace. Aviary is used by plenty of other web services and mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet.

You will probably find yourself relying less on your favorite photo editor and more on Aviary as you become familiar with its features. You can do the following with the Aviary photo editor:

  • Adjust the image orientation by rotating the image or flipping it horizontally or vertically

  • Crop the image with predefined size ratios or free-form cropping

  • Resize the image

  • Add text in different font styles and colors

  • Automatically adjust an image’s color, brightness, and contrast

  • Adjust the saturation and sharpness

  • Add special effects

  • Remove blemishes, whiten specific areas, and draw using different size brushes

By using Aviary to edit your images, you can stay on your website when adding content instead of jumping back and forth from Squarespace to a photo-editing app on your computer. That way, you can spend more time adding content.

To use Aviary, do the following:

  1. Hover your cursor over the image in the image box.

    The pencil and trash can icons appear at the top of the image box.

  2. Click the pencil icon.

    The Aviary photo editor window opens and displays your image.


  3. Click an editing icon to choose a setting to adjust your image.

    At the top of the Aviary editing window, you will see a row of icons with names representing the settings and features you can use to edit your image. Arrows to the left and right of the icons enable you to shift the row of icons to reveal more icons.

  4. Edit your image.

    When you click an editing icon in the Aviary window, the row of icons is replaced with the editing controls for the icon you clicked. You can then edit your image and click the Apply button to apply the changes to your image or click the Cancel button to disregard your changes. Clicking either button returns you to the row of editing icons.

    You can then select another editing icon and repeat this step.


  5. Save your changes.

    When you have finished editing your image, click the Save button to the right of the row of editing icons. The Aviary window will close and you will see the changes to your image on your site.

You can stop editing your image at any time by clicking the x in the upper-right corner of the Aviary window. A dialog box appears with the following options:

  • Resume: Return to editing your image in the Aviary window.

  • Close: Close the Aviary window without saving any changes.

  • Save: Save any changes you have made and close the Aviary window to see the changes to your image on your site.

Using the Aviary photo editor to edit your images is fast and easy. It’s a great addition to Squarespace.

If you want to edit images on your mobile device, search your device’s app store or marketplace to download the Aviary mobile app. After editing the image in the Aviary app, you can use the Squarespace app to upload your image to your site.