How to Adjust Font Sizes and Values with Sliders on Squarespace - dummies

How to Adjust Font Sizes and Values with Sliders on Squarespace

By Kris Black

The Sizes and Values section of the Squarespace Style Editor is where you can adjust the widths (and sometimes heights) of site elements, the spacing between elements, and some other values for elements specific to the template you are modifying.

To adjust any sizes or values, do the following:

  1. In the Style Editor list, hover your cursor over the element you want to adjust.

    The slider appears.

  2. Drag the slider.

    Move the slider left and right until you find the value you want. The element in your site changes as you move the slider.

The elements you will find in the Sizes and Values section of Style Editor differ from template to template. However, you generally find the following elements:

  • Site width: This setting adjusts the width of the overall container for your site.

  • Page and blog widths: Some templates allow you to modify the blog width separate from normal page widths.

  • Site logo: If you upload a logo to replace your site title, you can adjust the size of your logo as you style your site.

  • Social icons: If you add your social accounts to your site settings, you may want to display icon links to them on your site. You can modify the size of the icons with this setting.

  • Thumbnails: Controlling the size of the thumbnails on your site will allow you to display more or fewer thumbnails per row.

You can also adjust the padding (the space around the inner parameter) of many elements. Some of the common site elements that offer this adjustment follow:

  • Canvas: The canvas is the area of your site where all your content resides. You can adjust the spacing along the edges of the canvas.

  • Blog posts: When more than one blog post appears on a page, you typically adjust the spacing above or below the post to give it some space.

  • Pages: Adjust the spacing around the content of your pages.

  • Footer: Adjust the spacing above your footer to push it farther away from your site’s content.

  • Navigation: Adjust the spacing above and below your navigation or between individual page links.

  • Thumbnails: Add space between your thumbnails to make a more spacious grid of images.

Adjusting sizes and spacing on your site can create more room for your content if you need a denser website, or space things apart if you don’t want a lot of content on your site.