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How to Adjust Basic Settings on Squarespace

By Kris Black

On Squarespace, Settings is divided into many different groups of settings. Although Settings may appear to contain a hodge-podge of features that don’t go together, there is some logic to the different categories. Each setting has a specific purpose to help you configure your site the way you want.

To get to the Settings area in Squarespace, do the following:

  1. Log in to your site.

    You are taken to Content Manager. If you were already logged in and in Preview mode, click the gear icon in the Preview Toolbar to go to Content Manager.

  2. Click Settings (the gear icon), which appears in the black bar to the left side of the screen.

    When Settings loads in your browser, you see a sidebar directly to the right of the black bar.

The Settings navigation sidebar displays a list of all the different groups of configuration settings available:

  • Site: Add a site title, description, and logo.

  • General: Configure third-party integrations, commenting, posting to blogs, and page title formats.

  • Time/Geography: Set date presentation across your site.

  • Connected Accounts: Connect your site to your social accounts to push and pull data.

  • Facebook Page: Publish a page on your site to your Facebook Page.

  • Share Buttons: Allow visitors to share your site’s content on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

  • Contributors: Invite people to help contribute to or maintain your site.

  • Domains: Use your own custom domain instead of your domain.

  • Templates: Switch between all the templates to change your site’s design.

  • Import/Export: Import your old site from various other web-publishing services such as WordPress, Shopify, or even your old Squarespace 5 account.

  • Code Injection: Insert custom snippets of code into your site.

  • Advanced: Create URL redirects (mappings) that help direct people to the correct content.

  • Developer: Find useful data for developers who sign up to use the Squarespace developer platform.

  • Sessions: See which of your computers are being used to log in to your site.

  • Mobile Apps: Find out about mobile apps available from Squarespace.

  • Billing: Upgrade your account and update your billing information.

  • Help & Support: Contact Squarespace Customer Support.

When you go to any of these settings and update the information they contain, be sure to click the Save Settings button at the top right of the screen to save your changes.

At the top of navigation column in Settings is the Site option. To configure the basic settings, click it and the following screen appears.


The Site option has the following basic settings for configuring your site:

  • Site Title: Enter a title for your site. The site title will appear anywhere that the title needs to be displayed in your site, such as directly in your site pages, and in the name of page titles configured in General Settings.

  • Tag Line: Enter a tag line that describes your site. Some templates use the tag line in the site layout.

  • Site Description: Add a description of your site. Some templates use the description in the site layout.

  • Meta Description: Type a short description about your site. Google and other search engines display this information in their search results.

  • Logo: Upload your logo to replace the site title in the layout of your site.

  • Browser Icon: Customize the little image that appears in the URL bar or window tab of a browser.

  • Subject/Type: Help Squarespace categorize your site for their records.

  • Contact Information: Add contact information for you or your business, including an e-mail address, a phone number, and a mailing address. Some templates display this information in your site.

Make sure you fill in the site title and meta description. These important settings help search engines categorize and index your site for display in search results.