How to Add Connected Accounts on Squarespace - dummies

How to Add Connected Accounts on Squarespace

By Kris Black

For easier publishing, you can connect your social accounts to your Squarespace site in the Connected Accounts settings. When you do this you are able to

  • Push updates from your site to your social accounts

  • Pull updates from your social accounts to display on your site in social blocks

To connect one of your social accounts in Connected Accounts, do the following:

  1. Click the Add Account button, which is at the top right.

    A pop-up box appears with all the social accounts you can add to your site.

  2. Click the social account to which you want to connect.

  3. If Squarespace will be pulling updates from the social account, you must add your account information.


  4. If Squarespace can push updates to your social account (such as Facebook and Twitter), you must give Squarespace permission to post updates on your behalf.

    You will need to authorize Squarespace to connect to your social account by logging into your social account in a new window that opens.


The social accounts you can connect to your site vary, from the popular Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to photo-sharing services such as Flickr to specialty websites such as Dribbble (yes, three b’s). Each social account you add has its own settings for adjusting how your site pushes and pulls content.

The two basic settings available for all social accounts are

  • Show social icon: Choose to display the social account in any social links block added to your site.

  • Profile URL: The URL to your social account profile.

The following social sites use the previous two settings only to allow you to add them as links in a social links block. They don’t provide any further features:

Three additional settings found in several of the social account configurations are

  • Show Push Option: Allows you to set an option in collection page items (blog posts, gallery images, gallery videos, and products) to publish updates to your social sites.

  • Download Data: Squarespace will download data from your social account to store and be used for displaying on your site in blocks.

  • Default Posting Format: Configure updates so that they are preformatted with the title, author, and URL of the post you are pushing to the social account.

The following social accounts include one or more of the preceding settings along with an explanation of any additional features they may offer:

  • 500px: Sync your latest updates to a 500px block for display on your site.

  • Facebook: Select to push preformatted updates to your Facebook profile or a Facebook page you manage.

  • Flickr: Sync your latest updates to a Flickr block for display on your site.

  • Foursquare: Download your location data to the Foursquare block for display on your site.

  • GitHub: Display a link to your account on GitHub.

  • Instagram: Sync your latest updates to an Instagram block for display on your site.

  • LinkedIn: Push preformatted updates to your LinkedIn account.

  • SmugMug: Import albums from your SmugMug account for display on your site.

  • Tumblr: Cross-publish your Squarespace blog posts to a blog on your Tumblr account.

  • Twitter: Add multiple Twitter accounts to your Connected Accounts, while choosing to push preformatted updates to each account. Also download data to display in the Twitter block.

The two most different social accounts that offer unique features are

  • Dropbox: Create new gallery pages or update current gallery pages with images you import from your Dropbox account.

  • Email: Display a link with your e-mail address in the social links block.

To disconnect one of your social accounts from your site, do the following:

  1. Click your social account.

    The configuration dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Disconnect Account button.

    A confirmation window appears.

  3. Confirm the disconnection.

    Click the Confirm button to disconnect your social account from your site.