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How to Add and Remove Products to Your Squarespace Site

By Kris Black

The first step when creating a shop on your site is to add your products to a products page. If your site doesn’t have a products page, you can add it by following these basic steps:

  1. Log in to your site.

  2. Go to Site Manager→Content Manager.

  3. Click the Add Page button.

    Add your page in the navigation area of your site if you want the store link displayed in your site’s navigation. If you want to keep your store hidden for now, add the page to the Not Linked navigation area.

You can add more than one products page. For example, you might want a separate products page for each category of product you sell.

After you have a products page on your site, you can begin adding your items.

How to add an item to a products page on Squarespace

The process of adding a product is similar to adding a blog post or a gallery item. You can add products to two locations in your site:

  • Products page: Add products directly to the products page from Site Manager→Content Manager.

  • Inventory area: Add products to any products page in your site from Site Manager→Commerce.

The Inventory area is just one settings area in Commerce. Here are two types of products you can add to your store:

  • Digital: Digital products are files you upload to your site for downloading after they have been purchased. When a customer purchases a digital product on your site, Squarespace will send the customer a link to download the file. The download link works for only 24 hours after the purchase is processed.

    Digital products can be any type of file you have on your computer, such as music, videos, photos, design templates, or model schematics. Just make sure you are the copyright owner of what you are selling. You don’t want anyone taking legal action against you.

  • Physical: Physical products must be shipped by a carrier for your customer to receive them. Some examples of physical products you can sell are t-shirts, crafts, artwork, prints, antiques, and collectibles.

To add a product to a products page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Product button.

    A small dialog box appears with icons and a brief explanation of the two types of products you can sell.

  2. Choose whether you are adding a physical product or a digital download.

    The Edit Product dialog box appears.


  3. Add your product content:

    • Product name: Product names are used as text links on other parts of your site, the page title for the product’s unique page, and the direct URL to the item’s unique page.

    • Pricing and variants (physical products only): Displays the price of your physical product and the number of variants of the product. Clicking this will take you to the Pricing and Variants configuration screen.

    • Pricing and Upload (digital products only): Displays the price of your digital product. Clicking this will take you to the Pricing and Upload configuration screen.

    • Description: Add a description about the product you’re selling.

    • Images: Upload multiple images of your product.

    • Categories: Use categories to organize products into related groupings. Then you can target specific groups of products when you display them in a content block, such as a summary block. You can also apply coupon codes to a particular group of products.

    • Status: Set the product as Available or Not Listed. Details follow.

  4. Save your product.

    If you want to finalize your product later, click the Save button to save it as a Not Listed item. To instantly publish the product on your site to sell, click the Save & Publish button.

When you’re working with products, you can set the status to one of two options:

  • Available: Sets your product as available for purchase on your site.

  • Not Listed: Saves the product in your inventory but does not list the product for sale on your site. This status is similar to the Draft status for blog posts.

The ability to set the status of a product to Not Listed can be helpful. For example, you might want to add all the title and descriptions of your products one day, photograph the products another day, and upload the photos all at once on yet another day.

How to remove a product on Squarespace

Removing a product from your store is easy. Just do the following:

  1. On the products page or from Site Manager→Commerce→Inventory, double-click the product to open it.

  2. Click the Remove button.

    A confirmation box appears, asking you to confirm the removal of the product.

  3. Click the Confirm button.

    The product is deleted from your inventory and your site.