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How to Add and Delete Pages from Your Site Navigation on Squarespace

By Kris Black

As you’re organizing your navigation on Squarespace, you may find you need to add or delete pages from your website. Squarespace makes this process easy.

How to delete pages from your navigation

If you decide you don’t need a page and want to remove it from your site, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the page you want to remove.

    A little x appears to the right of the page name in the navigation column.

  2. Click the x next to the page name.

    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Delete button.

    The page is removed from your site and from the navigation column in Content Manager.

You can delete a page from your site in another way:

  1. Open the Configure dialog box for the page you want to remove.

    If you aren’t already viewing the Configure dialog box, do the following: With the page you selected active in Content Manager, click the button at the top to open that page’s settings. The button is labeled specifically for the type of page. For example, if you selected in a blog page, the button will be labeled Blog Settings.


  2. Click the Delete button, which is at the bottom of the Configure dialog box.

    The Delete Page Confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Confirm that you want to delete the page by clicking the Delete button.

    Your page is deleted.

Deleting a page is not permanent. At the bottom of the navigation column in Content Manager, you’ll find the Restore Deleted Collections link. Click this link to see a list of pages you’ve deleted. Click the Restore button next to the page you want to restore to your site’s navigation.

If you’re not certain that you want to delete a page, move it to the Not Linked navigation area. That way, the page won’t be displayed in any of the navigation areas on your site.

How to add pages to your navigation

Adding pages to your site requires just a few clicks and a decision on where to place the page in your navigation. Here’s how you add a new page:

  1. Click the Add Page link.

    The Add Page link is at the bottom of the navigation area or at the bottom of a list of pages in a folder in your navigation area. The Create New Page dialog box appears.


  2. Select the page type you want to add.

    After selecting a page, a configuration dialog box appears.

    If you’re adding a page to a folder, you’ll see all the page types except the folder option, because you can’t add a folder within a folder in Squarespace.

  3. Name your page.

  4. (Optional) Change the page’s URL.

    The page name is automatically applied to the page URL. You may want to change this to something else. If you don’t know whether you want to change the page URL, don’t worry — you can modify this later.

  5. (Optional) Set the new page as your home page by clicking the Set as Homepage button.

    If you already have a home page, the new page replaces it.

  6. Save your new page.

    After you save your page, you can begin adding content using blocks.

If you want to quickly edit an existing page’s settings in the configuration dialog box, as described in the preceding steps, right-click the page name in the navigation column.