How Create Galleries on Squarespace from Photo-Sharing Sites - dummies

How Create Galleries on Squarespace from Photo-Sharing Sites

By Kris Black

Three social blocks on Squarespace provide the same feature — they display a gallery of images pulled from a photo-sharing site. The three photo-sharing social blocks and the sites they pull photos from are

  • 500px: A community for discovering, sharing, buying, and selling photos by creative professionals

  • Flickr: An online photo-management and photo-sharing site

  • Instagram: A photo-sharing app used on mobile phones to share your life with your friends

When you add one of these blocks to your site and their configuration dialog box opens, you will see two tabs in the upper-right corner:

  • Account: Set the social account from which you will pull images. Use the Items to Display slider to set the number of photos to display.

  • Design: Set the gallery design to one of four display options: Slideshow, Slider, Grid, or Stacked. These are the same features found in the Gallery block.


When you click an image displayed by one of these blocks, you will be taken to the original page that hosts the image in the social account from which it was imported.

The only way to prevent this behavior is to use the Lightbox setting in the Grid display option. When the Lightbox setting is selected, thumbnails can be clicked to display larger versions of the images in a presentation-style format, in which the website darkens and the images are displayed in the center of the window.

Using photo-sharing social blocks is a great way to instantly update your site with the latest photos you share in your social accounts.