Basics of the Audio Block on Squarespace - dummies

Basics of the Audio Block on Squarespace

By Kris Black

Adding audio to your Squarespace site used to be a huge pain in the you-know-what. Now, however, the audio block makes the process just about as easy as adding any other media to your site.

Enhance your website by adding podcasts, songs, lectures, and more. When you add an audio block to your site, you’ll need to complete the following settings:

  • Track Title: A name describing the audio

  • Track Author: The person or group who created the audio

Then you embed your .mp3, .m4a, or .ogg audio file in one of two ways:

  • Upload the file

  • Link to a file hosted on another site

To embed an audio file by uploading, drag the file over the upload area of the Edit Audio dialog box, or click the plus sign to open a file select window to locate a file on your computer to select and upload. For this method, audio files must be smaller than 120MB. If the file is larger, you must embed your audio file by using the second option.


To link to a file hosted on another site, you provide the following:

  • The URL to the file hosted on the other service

  • The size of the file in bytes

  • The file’s mime type if you’re going to be podcasting with iTunes

To find the size of your audio file in bytes, ask Google. Seriously, go to Google and type

 convert ##MB to bytes

substituting ## with the size of your audio file. Google will display the answer on the search results page.


Providing the mime type of a file will help Squarespace know how to handle the file. You can add the following file types to an audio block:

  • mp3: audio/mpeg

  • m4a: audio/mp4a-latm

  • ogg: audio/ogg

The second screen of options in the Edit Audio dialog box contains the podcast settings.


Fill in the following settings:

  • iTunes Subtitle: A brief description about the audio file.

  • iTunes Summary: A longer description about the audio file.

  • iTunes Search Keywords: Any important words that describe the audio file that someone may search for in iTunes. Separate the search words with commas.

  • iTunes Episode Duration: The duration of the audio file in the following format: hh:mm:ss.

  • Explicit content: Display a message if your show has foul language or content not suitable for young listeners.

Podcasting with the audio block will work only when you add the audio block to a blog post.