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Basics of Squarespace Pricing Plans

By Kris Black

Squarespace has three pricing plans, based on the type of website you want to build: Standard, Unlimited, and Business. You can also visit Squarespace Pricing for more information.

If you visit the pricing page, the monthly price shown requires that you pay for one year in advance. Squarespace offers a 20 percent discount to those who pay for a year upfront.

If you decide to continue using Squarespace after you create a trial account, you can toggle the payments in your site’s Account Center to see the monthly cost without the discount, with a 20 percent discount (for one year in advance) and with a 25 percent discount (for two years in advance).

Note that you don’t have to decide on a plan right now. Simply sign up for the free trial account.

Standard plan

The Standard plan is Squarespace’s most cost-efficient plan. Although it doesn’t provide all the features found in the Unlimited plan, you do get Squarespace’s core features. Here are some feature highlights:

  • Point-and-click editing to change your site design

  • Use of LayoutEngine to build your pages

  • Analytic graphs and reports

  • Ample storage space for images and other media files you upload

  • Free custom domain if you pay yearly

  • All the page types and the base set of building blocks

The Standard plan provides enough pages, bandwidth, and storage space for a basic website or blog: 20 pages, 2GB (gigabytes, 1GB equals 1000MB) of storage and 500GB of bandwidth.

The one feature that might seem confining is the 20-page limit. However, 20 pages in Squarespace is not necessarily the same as 20 pages on the web.

Some types of pages, such as a blog page, can display content in multiple views, allowing you to determine how the content will be presented to your site visitors. So although you can have just a single Squarespace blog page, it can display multiple web pages with different content.


The Unlimited plan provides you with access to everything in the Standard plan, with the following extras:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space

  • Unlimited contributors

  • Advanced form blocks to collect more detailed information from site visitors

  • Integration of form blocks with Google Docs and MailChimp

  • Capability to publish site updates to a Facebook page

Form blocks under the Standard plan enable you to create a form to receive e-mails from site visitors. Under the Unlimited plan, you can use the advanced features of form blocks to create custom forms.

In addition, you can connect form blocks to MailChimp, thus providing you with an opportunity to collect e-mail addresses for use in marketing efforts. You can also connect form blocks to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

You can, for example, collect answers from many people and compare the answers. The submissions from the form block are entered into a new row in the spreadsheet. Download the spreadsheet and open it in your favorite spreadsheet editor to manipulate the data.

If you have a Facebook page for your brand or business, you may want to automate the process of publishing to the page. Or you may want to display on your Facebook page the contents of a website page.


The Business plan provides you with access to everything in the other two plans and adds the capability to create an online store using the fully integrated e-commerce features:

  • Unlimited physical and digital products

  • Mobile store

  • Inventory tracking

  • Product configuration with multiple variations and SKUs

  • Tax, shipping, and coupon controls

Squarespace Commerce integrates with Stripe, a payment-processing service that charges a fee of 2.9 percent plus $0.30 for all successful transactions. Squarespace does not impose additional fees or charges to your transactions.

If you already have a store with another service, you may be able to import it to your Squarespace site. At the time of this writing, Squarespace supports importing from Big Cartel and Shopify. All of your images and available data in those e-commerce solutions will be imported.