Basics of Squarespace 6 - dummies

By Kris Black

Gone are the days where setting up your website required painstaking hours of methodical attention to detail and dealing with techno-babble. Squarespace 6 makes the process of building your site as easy as building a tower of blocks, just like when you were a kid.

To add content and features to your pages, you simply add the appropriate Squarespace block. If you want to rearrange your pages or content, just drag and drop.

In addition, Squarespace provides limitless options for the look of your site. Their professionally crafted templates enable you to get the most benefit from Squarespace features while allowing your unique style to show through. Designing your own website has never been easier.

Sign up in less than a minute

Signing up for a Squarespace account takes less than a minute and requires you to provide just your name, your e-mail address, and a password.

You don’t even have to worry about choosing a pricing plan from the start. You get to choose that after your free trial account.

Don’t worry about hosting

If you were to create a website using ExpressionEngine or Dreamweaver, you would need to sign up for a separate service dedicated to hosting websites. Squarespace removes this task by hosting your site for you.

As you build your site on Squarespace, your files (pages, content, media, and so on) are automatically stored on the integrated website hosting system. The files are properly formatted and organized to ensure that your website is optimized for listing in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. In addition, Squarespace loads your site pages quickly because everything is stored on multiple web servers.

Two key benefits of Squarespace hosting your website are

  • Dependability: No one can offer a 100 percent uptime guarantee, but Squarespace comes close with an industry-leading track record of 99.98 percent uptime (at the time of this writing). All its websites are published using multiple servers in a cloud infrastructure. If one server goes down, the rest of the servers can fill that gap until the malfunctioning server is repaired or replaced.

  • Limitless bandwidth and storage: If you sign up for one of the two top pricing plans, you get unlimited bandwidth and storage — without the delays common with other services. No more worrying about going over a set limit. You can add as many pictures and files as you like, as long as each one is less than 15MB.

Get support 24/7

Squarespace provides a number of ways for you to get help when you need it: a knowledge base, e-mail technical support, live chat, video workshops, and an online forum.

Full-featured knowledge base

Finding or figuring out answers to your questions is the best way to learn something new. The easiest way to find your answers is by using the Squarespace knowledge base at Squarespace Help. It provides detailed information on features and functionality as well as links to how-to videos that answer the most frequently asked questions.

The support team updates the knowledge base when new features are introduced and adds entries based on feedback from customers.

Fast e-mail technical support

Squarespace provides e-mail technical support by real people, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Submit a message to the support ticket system and receive an e-mail reply in less than an hour. And if the support staff can’t resolve an issue, they have direct access to a crew of engineers and developers who can clarify tough problems or report suggestions to improve the product.

If you need to contact support about an issue or a question, make sure to provide detailed information about what’s happening on your site, the relevant page, and the steps to reproduce the issue.

Super-fast live chat

If you have a simple question or need something addressed instantly, send your inquiry by live chat. You can reach live chat from Monday through Friday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The live chat window is available on all pages of the help site.


If you have a detailed question or issue, submitting a support ticket is usually better than requesting a live chat.

Videos, workshops, and hangouts

Watching videos are a great way to learn how to do something. Squarespace has a collection of videos in the knowledge base to show you how to use and customize your site.

You can also participate in live workshops on Squarespace’s Google+ Hangout page. If you can’t make it to a live workshop, check the archive of their best videos at.

Community help

Do you like conversing with other users? Are you seeking help with advanced customizations and custom code? If so, Squarespace Answers is the place for you. Join other Squarespace users who hang out and help each other with advice on modifying and adding custom code and designs to their Squarespace sites.

Read the rules of the site before joining and asking questions.

Squarespace developed and provides the Answers site for all users, and the company takes part in discussions. However, this doesn’t guarantee that Squarespace will answer any question you ask.

Developers documentation

If you’re a web professional wanting to know how to build custom designs on Squarespace, you can review documentation about their developer templates and start your own Developer trial account in the Developer Center.

The Developer Center and a Developer account are for folks who have an advanced understanding about web design. If you’re fluent in HTML, CSS, and other web languages, you’ll feel right at home and should check it out.