Record Your Web Hosting Login Details - dummies

Record Your Web Hosting Login Details

By Peter Pollock

Part of Web Hosting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Remembering your web server’s IP address and other details can be difficult. Use this quick reference to store all of your web hosting login information in an easily accessible format.


Your domain name: _____________________

Your server’s IP address: ______.______.______.______

Your nameserver records (for example, __________________

Your control panel address: _________________

Your control panel username: _________________


Your FTP address: __________________

Your FTP username: ____________________

Your FTP port: ______________________


Your POP3 (mail) server address: _________________

Your POP3 port: ______________________________

Your IMAP (mail) server address: _________________

Your IMAP port: _______________________________

Your SMTP (outgoing mail) server address: __________________

Your SMTP port: ______________________________________


Your host’s website address: _______________

Your host’s support website address or e-mail: ____________

Your host’s support phone number: ___________

Your host’s billing department phone number: ______________