Moodle Shortcuts - dummies

By Radana Dvorak

Part of Moodle For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following table lists some of the most common Moodle editing shortcut keys you can use in the Moodle HTML editor in WYSIWYG view. (WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get; it’s the default view in the Moodle modules).

Note: Not all browsers support all the keys listed. The keys in bold font are universal shortcuts.

Key Action Key Action
CTRL-C Copy CTRL-V Paste
CTRL-X Cut CTRL-F Find text
CTRL-, Subscript CTRL-S Strikethrough text
CTRL-. Superscript CTRL-0 Clean word format
CTRL-Z Undo CTRL-H Change text format heading
CTRL-B Make text bold CTRL-1 To Ctrl-6 changes heading levels
CTRL-U Underline text CTRL-O Change the font
CTRL-I Make text italic CTRL-E Center
CTRL-L Justify left CTRL-K Change background color
CTRL-J Justify full CTRL-! Text runs right to left
CTRL-ALT-O Insert ordered list CTRL-ALT-A Create Anchor
CTRL-ALT-R Insert horizontal rule CTRL-ALT-C Insert special character
CTRL-ALT-L Create link CTRL-ALT-D Unlink
CTRL-ALT-N Turn off auto linking CTRL-ALT-S Insert emoticon (smiley)
CTRL-ALT-T Insert table CTRL-ALT-I Inset image
CTRL-ALT-C Insert special character CTRL-ALT-M Toggle full screen editor mode