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How to Brand Your Marketing Message across All Media

By John Arnold

In marketing, you’re likely to employ several tools, messages, and types of media — including e-mail — over long periods of time. Keeping the design elements and personality of your messages similar or identical over time — branding — reinforces each of your messages and makes each successive message more memorable to your audience.

Consumers are more likely to respond positively to your e-mail messages when they can identify your brand and when the content of each message feels familiar to them. Plan all your marketing messages as if they were one unit to ensure that each message contains design elements that become familiar to your audience when multiple messages are delivered.

Use these branding ideas to help you give all your marketing messages a familiar look and feel:

  • Make your logo identifiable and readable in all types of print and digital formats, with color schemes that look good online and in print.

    In general, your logo and colors should look consistent on

    • Business cards

    • E-mail sign-up forms

    • E-mails

    • Mobile websites

    • Online directory listings

    • Social media sites

    • Your website

  • Include your company name in all your marketing.

    Incorporate your name in

    • E-mail addresses

    • E-mail From lines

    • Online directories

    • Your blog

    • Your e-mail signature

  • Format your messages consistently across all media.

    When repeating messages in multiple types of media, make sure the following elements are formatted consistently in your e-mails:

    • Calls to action

    • Contact information

    • Fonts

    • Headlines

    • Images

    • Layouts

Make sure that you can also communicate your brand effectively in the spoken word if you take advantage of words-only messaging opportunities, such as radio, podcasting, and text-only e-mail delivery.