Designing Your Website with HTML/HTML5 - dummies

By Sue Jenkins

Part of Web Design All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re designing websites, you’re probably going to want to use standards-compliant HTML5 markup — after all, you need to use some type of markup language so that your websites can communicate, right? The table here gives you a rundown of the most popular HTML5 tags and tells you what each does.

Tag Description
<!–…–> Defines a comment in the HTML code
<!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type
<a> Defines an anchor
<article> Defines an article
<aside> Defines content that sides next to other content
<audio> Defines a sound
<blockquote> Defines a long quotation
<body> Defines the body element
<br> Inserts a single line break
<canvas> Defines an area where graphics can be drawn with JavaScript
<caption> Defines a table caption
<cite> Defines a citation
<code> Defines computer code text
<details> Defines a details section that can be shown or hidden
<div> Defines a section in a document
<em> Defines emphasized (italic) text
<embed> Defines a space to insert media files like plug-ins or applications
<figure> Defines content like photos, illustrations, and diagrams, etc.
<figcaption> Defines the caption for a figure
<footer> Defines a footer for a section or the entire document
<form> Defines a form
<h1> to <h6> Defines header 1 to header 6
<head> Defines information about the document
<header> Defines a header for a section or the entire document
<hr> Defines a horizontal rule
<html> Defines an HTML document
<iframe> Defines an inline subwindow (frame)
<img> Defines an image
<input> Defines an input field
<label> Defines a label for a form control
<li> Defines a list item
<link> Defines a resource reference
<map> Defines an image map
<meta> Defines meta information
<nav> Defines a set of navigation links
<noscript> Defines a noscript section
<ol> Defines an ordered list
<p> Defines a paragraph
<pre> Defines preformatted text
<script> Defines a script
<section> Defines a section within a document
<select> Defines a selectable list
<source> Defines a media resource for audio or video
<span> Defines a section in a document
<strong> Defines strong (bold) text
<style> Defines a style definition
<sub> Defines subscripted text
<summary> Defines a heading for a <details> element
<sup> Defines superscripted text
<table> Defines a table
<td> Defines a table cell
<textarea> Defines a text area
<th> Defines a table header
<time> Defines the date or time
<title> Defines the document title
<tr> Defines a table row
<track> Defines the text tracks for audio or video
<ul> Defines an unordered list
<video> Defines a movie file or video