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Adding Social Features to Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

By John Arnold

To get even more mileage out of the marketing e-mails you put your heart into, you can incorporate the functions of social media sites with your e-mails by

  • Announcing your social media presence via e-mail: One way to get started with announcing your social media presence is to use an e-mail devoted entirely to asking people to join you on social networking sites where you have a presence. Some e-mail marketing programs (EMPs) even have templates just for social media announcements.

    Focus your e-mail content on explaining the value of being a fan or follower. The dedicated e-mail allows your recipients to focus on your call to action asking them to follow you.

    Don’t expect everyone to follow you after sending only one invitation e-mail. A quarterly invitation sent to those who have not yet followed you should be enough to maximize participation without annoying folks.

  • Adding social links to your e-mails: Users can click social links to connect with you on social media sites. You can link text or icons and images in your e-mails to your social media sites. If the recipient wants to follow you on a social media site, he can click the link in your e-mail.

    Adding social links to your e-mails is easy when you use an EMP that allows you to select which social links to automatically embed into your e-mails:

    [Credit: Courtesy of Constant Contact]
    Credit: Courtesy of Constant Contact
  • Posting your e-mails to social media sites: Users can click a link on your social site to access e-mails you’ve stored on a server, just like a web page. Some EMPs allow you to automatically post your e-mails to social sites, and others allow you to archive your e-mails as web pages so you can post the links to your e-mails on whatever social media sites you choose.

Posting your e-mails to social sites allows people who aren’t on your e-mail list to read your e-mails and gives your social media audience a way to share your e-mails with others: