4 Important Parts of a UX Design Strategy - dummies

4 Important Parts of a UX Design Strategy

By Kevin P. Nichols, Donald Chesnut

Part of UX For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The goal of any well-crafted user experience (UX) strategy is to focus the company’s web presence on the needs of its customers. You achieve this by integrating web design, user research, business planning, and data analysis. Always remember that a strong UX design strategy includes these four parts:

  • A clear, well-defined intent for the experience, goals, and objectives.

  • Documentation defining the features, functionality, and content necessary to support the objectives. Here, the user is tantamount, meaning that you must design your experience around your users’ needs.

  • A testing process to make sure the design works. Validation is critical, so don’t forget to test your designs and direction throughout the process of developing it.

  • Solid planning. Good UX connects the goals and objectives of a business with users’ needs by serving up an experience the users can, well, use. How do you do it? Start with a plan for what you need to do.