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Use Common Lingo for Your Search Engine (SEO) Keywords

If you want people to find your Web page, you have to use keywords that they are likely to type into their search engine queries. When choosing keywords, keep in mind that the language the industry uses is not always the same language the customer uses. For example, people in the auto industry use the words auto or vehicle, but the guy on the street is not going to refer to his Ford as his car. The same goes for search queries. Most people are not looking for classic automobiles; they’re going to be looking for classic cars.

You can find out what the man on the street is saying by actually going to the man on the street. Check out Internet forums, interest groups, and newsgroups that relate to your business and make note of what people are writing in their posts. What words do they use when referring to your type of business or the product that you sell? Those can be used as keywords. Talk to your clients. Communication is key to figuring out what they’re looking for.

Also, pay attention when people call your business and ask questions. Those are the kinds of questions that people are asking the search engine. One person’s slightly questionable phrasing can be another person’s usable keyword.