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Response Metrics: Find Out What Customers Respond to On Your Web Site

A response metric is an element on your Web site that your visitors are responding to, be it an image or a newsletter or an e-mail. When you analyze how visitors respond to a metric, there are certain types of information that you need to watch for:

  • Responses and respondents. These are important indicators of campaign success.

  • Cost per acquisition or cost per click. Measuring these keeps you within your campaign budget.

  • Referring domains/URLs. These help you watch your visitors based on needs and origin. Where are they coming from and what can you glean about their needs from the site they originated from?

  • Search engines. Check and see who’s coming in from the search engines to ensure that the money you spend on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising is justified.

  • Search keywords and phrases. Track what keywords are bringing visitors to your site. You can use this information from search queries to refine your marketing message and materials to include these keywords.

Note that this raw data is not useful by itself: Your most important metric is the relationship between your current and previous data measurements. You can apply this data to key performance indicators (KPIs) to alert you to the ever-changing quality and quantity of your visiting traffic, and this may call for additional research.