Press Releases as a Source of SEO Content - dummies

By Peter Kent

The nice thing about press releases is that you can use them on your website without permission, and some them will already be search engine optimized. The purpose of a press release is to send it out and see who picks it up.

You don’t need to contact the owner of the press release, because you already have an implied agreement that you can simply post the release wherever you want (unchanged and in its entirety, of course).

You may be able to find press releases that have the keywords you want, are relevant to your site in some way, and are not released by competitors. For instance, if you’re in the business of running rodent-racing events, companies selling rodent-racing harnesses and other gear aren’t direct competitors and may well have press releases you can use.

Where do you find these press releases? Try searching for press releases at a search engine. Combine the search term with some keywords, such as rodent racing press release. You can also find them at press release sites, such as these:

You can even subscribe to some of these press release services so that you get relevant press releases sent to you as soon as they’re published.