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Monitor Your Search Engine Competition

There are tools out there to help you determine how your search engine competition is doing. Comscore, Compete, and Hitwise are three such Web sites that offer tools designed for online marketers, giving them statistics and a competitive advantage.

Comscore, Compete, and Hitwise provide tools that measure or gauge Internet traffic to Web sites. They collect Internet usage data from panels, toolbars, and ISP log panels. Essentially, they can measure who’s coming in to your Web site and from where. They also can gauge your competition. They can tell you how much your competition is bidding for a certain keyword, how much they spent on that keyword, and more. They can also track your brand name. They’re a statistical tool that online advertisers and site owners use to rank sites in various categories on estimated traffic.

All of these companies charge a fee for their services, although Compete does offer a limited free service called MyCompete. They actually cost a pretty penny: ComScore does not publish their pricing, Compete starts at $199 a month for an individual plan, and Hitwise starts at $695 per report, so if you think it’s worth the investment, look into them. They’re useful tools for measuring the traffic to your site and where that traffic came from, along with the traffic on your competitors’ Web sites.