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Keywords that Increase Your Return on Investment and Traffic

Keywords can attract a lot of search engine traffic to your Web site, but these people still may not buy your product or service. You need keywords that result in buyers versus window shoppers. It’s nice to get a lot of site traffic, but it’s better to get conversions, and it’s best to have both ROI (return on investment) and high traffic. A high conversion keyword brings you a lot of sales, sign-ups, entrants, or whatever action your site considers a conversion. A high conversion keyword could be a high traffic keyword as well, but not necessarily so.

A low traffic keyword may be okay if it is also a high conversion keyword. For example, if you have a keyword that brings only ten visitors a year, but one of those visitors becomes a sale that equals half a million dollars, that’s a good keyword. You wouldn’t want to remove that keyword from your site for a minute! Sometimes this type of keyword is called an elephant word — a big word that is so laborious to type and so obscure in usage that only a very serious searcher would think of entering it in a query. One elephant word is mesothelioma, which is the type of cancer that results from asbestos poisoning. Law firms love mesothelioma as a keyword, because even though it doesn’t bring them a huge amount of traffic, people searching for the term usually mean business, and even one legal case can generate a huge amount of revenue. On the other hand, if you optimize for a keyword that brings you a million visitors and only one conversion that isn’t worth much money, it’s time to consider dropping that keyword phrase unless that term is a branding term for you and you want to keep it for the name recognition.