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How to Perform a Local Search Using Online Maps

Searching maps on the Internet is a great way to get directions, and map searches are also a tool for you to advertise your company. Online mapping is a fast-moving industry where the technology continues to advance at lightning speed. Companies spend a lot of money and time to improve their interactive maps because visual map tools attract visitors in droves. What’s good for you, though, is that maps are more than a tool for driving directions; they’re also a great way to perform a local search.

Click the Maps link at Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft Live Search, and you see a large map image topped by a simple search field. This is a friendly, visual interface for finding a local dry cleaner, or orthodontist, or pet groomer. The search field is very flexible; the user can enter a type of business, a specific company name, an address, or just a city. When your business shows up in a local search, the user can see your information on the left, as well as your location pinpointed on a map.