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How to Deal with Web-Page Frames

Webmasters may use frames (an HTML technique for combining multiple documents within a single browser window) as a page layout tool, although today it’s thought of as an outdated technique. However, a spammer may use frames to hide content from the search engines because search engines read each frame as a separate HTML document.

For example, users might see a page about car parts and other things that appear in additional frames, whereas the search engine thinks the whole page is about car parts. How do you go about solving the frames problem? Here’s how:

  • On your own site. Because you want search engines to be able to digest all your Web content easily, be careful using frames. In fact, if your Web site is primarily constructed with frames, you should ask your Webmaster to redesign it. Frames could hurt your search engine optimization efforts because not all of your content is indexed properly.

  • On other sites. If you think a competing site is using frames for intentional spam and you don’t want them to get away with it, you can submit a spam report to search engines.