How to Deal with Doorway Pages - dummies

How to Deal with Doorway Pages

A doorway page is a Web page created solely for search engine spiders, usually filled with text content that makes it rank high for a certain keyword (a word or phrase that users may enter in a search). There is no intention of letting users see the doorway page, however.

When someone clicks to go there from a search results page, the Web site automatically redirects the user to another page that may be about a totally different subject. Here’s what you should do when you suspect that you’ve found doorway pages:

  • On your own site. You want your pages to focus clearly on their various subjects and keywords and not deceive the search engines or the users. If you have any doorway pages on your site, get rid of them. If the pages are landing pages for pay per click ads, use a Meta robots tag to specify NOINDEX, or use a 301 redirect to redirect them elsewhere.

  • On other sites. You can make a spam report to the search engines to report doorway pages, if you find them.

The search engines hate giving their users misleading results, so they will gladly investigate. It’s your option.