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How Google Searches the Internet and Ranks Listings

Among search engines, Google is the biggest fish in the pond. Using services such as PageRank and Google AdWords, they offer excellent organic and paid search results.

Google organic search results

Over time, Google has developed into the powerhouse of the search engine medium. Here are just some of the reasons why Google is the king of search engines and shows no signs of giving up the crown:

  • Highly relevant: Google’s relevancy is one of its strongest suits thanks to its reliance on site popularity (links) and content searches.

  • Research-oriented: Most Internet searches are research-based in nature, making Google’s research-friendly results highly attractive to users.

  • PageRank: PR is a famous (though somewhat minor in practice) part of Google’s search algorithm, which assigns a numerical weight to a set of hyperlinked documents in order to measure their importance.

  • Enormous index: Google has indexed an estimated trillion pages on the Internet and still counting.

  • Brand recognition: The Google brand is used as a verb and listed in dictionaries (as in, “I just Googled something on Yahoo! the other day . . . ”).

  • Most-visited Web property: Google has more of the search market than all of the other search engines combined. They net more than 60 percent of all of the search engine traffic.

Google paid search results

Google has a service called Google AdWords for its paid results. It’s a pay per click service that lets you create your own ads, choose your keyword phrases, and set your maximum bid price and a budget. Google ranks its ads based on the maximum bid price and their click-through rate. Google AdWords can also help you create your ads if you’re stuck on how to do so. Google then matches your ads to the right audience within its network, and you pay only when your ad is clicked on. Google has also recently introduced limited demographic targeting, allowing you to select the gender, age group, annual household income, ethnicity, and number of children in the household you wish to target. They’ve also added location-based targeting and day-parting.

You can potentially get a lot of exposure for your paid ads. The Google AdWords distribution network includes Google sites and affiliates like America Online, HowStuffWorks, Ask (US and UK), T-Online (Europe), News Interactive (Australia), Tencent (China), and thousands of others worldwide.

Google Directory

Google offers a directory based on the Open Directory Project. The Open Directory Project is a widely distributed, open-source directory maintained by an army of human volunteers. Google applies PageRank to sequence the results in their directory.