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Attract Search Engines by Identifying Your Company’s Strengths

Before you can promote your Web site to search engines, you need to understand exactly what you have to offer and what niche your product or service occupies. This might seem like common sense, but the truth is a lot of businesses out there can’t decide exactly who they are and what they’re selling. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are gives you a huge advantage because you can work on reducing your weaknesses while emphasizing your strengths.

The first step is figuring out what you do best. For example, your company may deal with customizing classic cars, but maybe what you do best is repair work. You can take a rusted-out hunk of a Comet and have it up and running within weeks, with a shiny new paint job to boot. So one of the strengths you would play to on your Web site is restoration. Emphasize that on your Web site. Have a section devoted entirely to car restoration, with subsections linking to that.

Think about what makes you different than Bob or Mabel. Bob does restoration as well, but he doesn’t have an Internet presence like you do. That’s a point for you and gives you an advantage over Bob. Mabel has a gorgeous, SEO-friendly Web site, but she doesn’t have much on there about actual car restoration, so there’s an advantage point for you to build on.

Knowing what your weaknesses are is also very important. Mabel’s got a great Web site. Your Web site is not as good (yet). She’s also a national business, while you still are fairly local. Those might be points you want to build on in order to make yourself equal with your competition. Streamline your Web site and filter out or downplay your weaknesses. If necessary, completely take your site down and rebuild it from scratch.

Be aware of what makes you different. If you offer a service that many other people are offering, what makes you stick out from the rest of the pack? Do you offer other services that the competition doesn’t? Are you quicker or more efficient? Make sure to keep a note of this when researching the competition. What are they doing, and how do you do it better? Or how will you do it better? Make yourself valuable to the customer.

Compare your Web site to your competition’s: You have to make yourself equal before you can set yourself apart. Make sure you match what your competition offers in your own way and then provide content that explains why you’re unique, more trustworthy, and better overall: in other words, make it obvious that you’re the first choice to fit the visitor’s needs. You know that you are made of awesome; now you just have to convince everyone else.