Resources and Software for Creating Wireframes

You can create a wireframe document for web design in almost any software program. Some designers use common applications, including Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, but a number of programs and online services are designed specifically for creating wireframes.

Here are a few to check out:

  • Google Drawings: Part of Google Docs, this web-based tool can be used to create great wireframes for free. Check out Stencils that you can use in Google Drawings.

  • Cacoo: This online drawing program includes many icons and other features designed for creating wireframes, site maps, and charts. Cacoo has a free level of services as well as a premium paid membership with more options for $4.95 per month.

  • iPlotz: Use this online tool to create clickable and navigable wireframes and prototypes. iPlotz has a free level of service, as well as a premium paid membership at four different levels of pricing and service.

  • Flairbuilder: This online tool can be used to create complete interactive prototypes and wireframes. Using the service to create wireframes costs $24 per month, but you (and your clients) can use a free viewer to view the wireframes.

  • Microsoft Visio: Visio, a popular program among professionals who favor Microsoft products, is available only for Windows computers. The program uses vector graphics and features a broad collection of templates and other sophisticated tools designed for developing complex projects. The professional version costs more than $500.

  • Omnigraffle: This program, which works on Macintosh computers and iPads, can be used to create diagrams, wireframes, and charts with many useful design features built in. Omnigraffle can also import and export Visio documents. The professional version costs $200.