QuarkXPress 5 Shortcuts for Basic Tasks - dummies

QuarkXPress 5 Shortcuts for Basic Tasks

By Barbara Assadi, Galen Gruman

Part of QuarkXPress 5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

QuarkXPress 5 has tons and tons of shortcuts. You probably won’t memorize most of them, but you’ll no doubt find yourself using one or two all the time. Here are some helpful shortcut keys for view, palette, and object-selection tasks.

QuarkXPress Viewing Shortcuts
Action Mac Windows
100% Command+1 Ctrl+1
Fit in windows Command+0 Ctrl+0
200% Option+Command+click Ctrl+Alt+click
Thumbnails Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Change view percentage Control+V Ctrl+Alt+V
Force redraw Option+Command+period Shift+Esc
Halt redraw Command+period Esc
Go to page Command+J Ctrl+J
Zoom in Command+click Ctrl+spacebar+click
Zoom out Option+Command+click Ctrl+Alt+spacebar+click
Windows submenu Shift+click title bar Alt+W (tile, stack)
Show/hide invisibles Command+I Ctrl+I
Show/hide rulers Command+R Ctrl+R
Show/hide guides F7 F7
Show/hide baseline grid Option+F7 Ctrl+F7
Snap to guides Shift+F7 Shift+F7
QuarkXPress Palettes Shortcuts
Action Mac Windows
Show/hide Measurements F9 F9
Show/hide Tools palette F8 F8
Show/hide Document Layout palette F10 F4
Show/hide StyleSheets palette F11 F11
Show/hide Colors palette F12 F12
Show/hide Trap Information palette Option+F12 Ctrl+F12
Show/hide Lists palette Option+F11 Ctrl+F11
Show/hide Index palette Option+Command+I Ctrl+Alt+I
Show font use F13 not available
Show picture use Option+F13 not available
QuarkXPress Shortcuts for Object Selection
Action Mac Windows
Select all Command+A Ctrl+A
Select item behind Option+Shift+Command+click Ctrl+Alt+Shift+click another item
Multiple selection (series) Shift+click Shift+click
Multiple selection (noncontiguous) Command+click Ctrl+click