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Mobile Commerce: Identify Target Customers for Your Online Store

In mobile commerce, identifying target customers is one of the most valuable tasks to complete before creating your website store. Target customers are those most likely to spend money on your products; and designing your website based on their needs is critical for closing the sale. So don’t just try to visualize who your target customers are — put yourself in their shoes. Where are they, and what are they doing when they come to your site on an iPhone or iPad?

People who are going to spend money while browsing a store on their mobile devices are likely in one of these five situations:

  • They’re looking for a special deal while they’re out and about. For example, a couple on a date just found out that the restaurant they planned on eating at is closed and the movie they wanted to watch is sold out. So they do a GPS-enabled search and find that your place is within two blocks and will have their food waiting by the time they arrive.

  • They’re in a critical situation. They absolutely need to buy your product and close the deal as soon as possible. For example, diehard sports fans may have just received your text alert that an entire section of seats to the Super Bowl has just become available. The tickets are selling fast and probably will be gone by the time they can rush home — unless they can place a bid on your site this instant via their mobile phones.

  • They’re shopping on impulse: Maybe they’ve trudged through snowdrifts past your billboard advertising tropical cruises for the last month. Today, the bus splashed them with a wave of freezing slush and muck. Shivering in their seats, they pull out their phones and punch in your travel agency’s web address.

  • They’re in-store bargain-hunters. Retailers are starting to notice that shoppers are whipping out their mobile phones and punching in product names and details to make sure that they’re getting the best deal.

  • They’re bored and killing time. Stuck in detention, a group of 15-year-olds decide to see what the new super-exclusive designer sneakers you just got in look like and how many chores they may have to do to earn themselves a new pair.

In each case, immediacy is one of the driving factors behind customers making a purchase with their iPhones. People buy things for all sorts of reasons, but when it comes to mobile commerce, a lot boils down to just being in the right place, at the right time, with the right offer.