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Mobile Commerce: Calculate Taxes, Shipping, and Handling

After your mobile customers buy your goods on your site from their iPhone or iPad, the back end of your system needs some way of getting that merchandise to them. Whether you offer digital downloads, package your products in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, or use a pizza delivery scooter, make sure it’s clear to your customers what, if anything, you’re charging them for delivery.

If you offer multiple choices, such as rush services, make sure the m-commerce service you choose includes features to handle different shipping options (some are directly connected to common services, such as UPS and FedEx, to make things even easier).

Another charge that you need to be able to track and record is the amount of sales taxes you collect. If you ignore this step, your accountant (not to mention the IRS) will have some very interesting things to say to you.

And charging taxes isn’t as easy as you might think because in most cases, you need to charge taxes only to those who live in your same state, and depending on your state, those taxes may vary from county to county. This can get complicated fast, and to ensure you’re in compliance in your state, check your state business and sales tax requirements.