What Is a SmartTV? - dummies

By Handstudio Co., Ltd

As an adjective the word “smart” is used to describe a new device capable of more advanced functions. For example, a smart phone supports not only basic Internet access, but also PC-level information processing and high-definition multimedia playback, transcending from a traditional cellular phone into a new device that can substitute most of the PC functions.

As the information processing power transmuted a cellular phone into a smart phone, a SmartTV was also created by adding computing power to a TV. A user can use various additional contents such as movies, video games, searches, and other fused or smart services, with a highly accessible UI/UX environment, provided by a digital TV’s operating system.

As a smart phone has an operating system such as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS, a SmartTV comes with its own operating system. You will see that a Samsung SmartTV uses the WebKit browser on Linux as its base operating system, which harmonizes multi-tiered elements to provide vital functions to operate a SmartTV.


Another characteristic of a SmartTV is a standard application hub. Just as a smart phone platform has an app store, a SmartTV platform has an app store with a developer ecosystem. SmartTV app stores are already servicing thousands of applications categorized into movies, games, sports, lifestyle, information, education, etc.

Note that a SmartTV app’s special UI/UX, which utilizes TV’s unique properties such as a large screen, is capturing consumers with a new appeal.

Evolving into a smart device does not change a device’s basic purpose, and a TV’s basic purpose is consuming broadcasted contents. New functions of a SmartTV must not get in the way of watching TV broadcasting. Samsung SmartTV provides various VOD applications to support the basic purpose. Applications that help obtain related information during a broadcasted program are also well received.

The Samsung SmartTV, as the leader in the TV industry, has introduced new smart functions such as Smart Evolution, Smart Interaction, and Smart Recommendation to redefine the standard of a SmartTV year after year, in addition to advancements for the basic TV function of watching broadcasted programs, such as high screen quality.

Many manufacturers have also joined the SmartTV market. Competition among them has been rapidly expanding the SmartTV market, just as competition has expanded the smart phone market. As the SmartTV evolves, the application ecosystem grows as well. Developers are facing an era of new opportunities that the SmartTV brings.