The Flash App Project Type for Samsung SmartTV Apps - dummies

The Flash App Project Type for Samsung SmartTV Apps

By Handstudio Co., Ltd

A Flash App Project utilizes internal Flash support of a Samsung SmartTV. Adobe Flash Professional version software is required in addition to the Samsung SmartTV SDK. Source code is programmed in the Flash software, and the SDK is used to test and package the application. A Flash App Project also uses standard JavaScript API by including the Flash object in the index.html file.

Unlike other project types, the Flash File ID and Path need to be configured while creating a Flash App Project.


Please note that a SmartTV has a limited Flash player that cannot match performance of an emulator running on a PC. For example, a SmartTV can only process 30 frames per second for a Flash animation. Please keep this performance limitation of a SmartTV in mind while designing a Flash App Project.