Overview of the Organizer Window in Xcode - dummies

Overview of the Organizer Window in Xcode

By Neal Goldstein, Dave Wilson

The Organizer window in Xcode (shown in the figure) enables you to do the supplemental tasks associated with development, such as accessing documentation and managing devices, archives, and project-related metadata.


To display the Organizer window, click the Organizer button on the Workspace window toolbar or choose Window→Organizer from Xcode’s main menu. The Organizer window includes five individual organizers, which enable you to do the following:

  • Devices organizer: Provision a device, manage your developer profile, install iOS on the device, and manage your application and data on a device.

  • Repositories organizer: Create, view, and manage Git and Subversion repositories for your Workspace. These are where your various project versions are managed.

  • Projects organizer: Lets you locate your projects without having to remember where they are in the file system) and offers snapshots — a Save feature that enables you to save different versions of your projects).

  • Archives organizer: Submit your application to the App Store or testers and manage your product archives.

  • Documentation organizer: Access documentation and sample code from within Xcode.

Each of these organizers includes task-oriented contextual help that you get by Control-clicking an organizer’s content pane.