Navigator Area Navigators in Xcode - dummies

By Neal Goldstein, Dave Wilson

The Navigator area of Xcode contains a host of navigators that organize the tasks and components you use within your Xcode project. You use a Navigator selector bar to select the navigator you need. This figure shows the various navigators you can choose from, and the bullet list explains what each navigator does:


  • Project navigator: Here’s where you manage all the files in your project. You can add files, delete files, and even organize your files by placing them into groups. Selecting a file in the Project navigator launches the appropriate editor in the Editor area.


  • Symbol navigator: Lets you zero in on a particular symbol — an element such as a variable, method, or function name — in your project. Selecting a symbol highlights it in the editor.


  • Search navigator: Finds any string within your projects and frameworks.


  • Issue navigator: Displays issues such as diagnostics, warnings, and errors that arise when you’re coding and building your project.


  • Debug navigator: Displays the call stack — information about what method has called what method — during program execution.


  • Breakpoint navigator: Manages and edits the breakpoints — markers you add to your code that stop program execution at a certain point in your program — in your project or Workspace.


  • Log navigator: Examines the logs that Xcode generates when you run and debug your application.