Localization Checklist for Creating iPhone Applications - dummies

Localization Checklist for Creating iPhone Applications

By Aaron Nicholson, Joel Elad, Damien Stolarz

Part of Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

An iPhone application may be designed in one country and distributed in many. For maximum sales, you need to consider the language and cultural preferences of every country where you hope to make sales. Check these design and language aspects of your application:

  • Languages chosen for localization

  • The following elements are localized in all languages:

    • Application name

    • Application description

    • Application URL

    • Support URL

    • Support email

    • Screen shot(s)

    • App binary

  • All localizations are professional (they aren’t just word-for-word translations)

  • All elements in a given language are appropriate to all cultures that use that language

  • All localized elements are also tailored to target culture