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How to Support an iOS App Successfully

By Rajiv Ramnath

Getting your iOS app published is a huge step, but it’s by no means the end of the process. Just because your app is now in the App Store doesn’t mean that users will flock to it.

You need to do a little marketing to drum up some customers. And once you draw your customers in, you’ll need to provide them with good service if you expect your app to stay successful.

How to market an iOS App

The marketing process begins in the App Store. You need to design your app’s page in a way that will attract attention and prompt users to download it. Here are some ideas:

  • In concise and easy-to-understand language, explain to potential users what your app does and why they should use it.

  • Make sure your screenshots are polished and compelling.

  • Use keywords and categories that are likely to appear in searches relevant to your app. This applies to searches from within the App Store as well as searches from external search engines like Google.

But if you really want to draw a large audience, polishing your app’s page might not be enough. You’ll need a strategy for reaching your users in other ways, and you’ll have to be creative if you want to make your app stand out and attract customers. Here are some thoughts:

  • Make the most of social media.

  • Offer free downloads in exchange for reviews.

  • Run promotions.

  • Mention your app to friends, family members, coworkers — anyone who will listen.

How to interpret sales data and customer feedback

So, you’ve really worked hard to market your app. To figure out just how well this effort has paid off, you need to consult the sales data available in iTunes Connect. From the home page, select the Sales and Trends section.

In the window that appears, you can view graphs and tables that explain how many users have downloaded your app and how much money these downloads have generated (unless your app is free). Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends are provided. If you have a well-built, useful app and a good marketing strategy, you’ll see your customer base grow over time.

Having customers is great, but not if they’re bashing your app. Negative reviews in the App Store are major deterrents to future downloads. Continually monitor your app’s customer reviews and respond to all issues your users report.

To view your app’s customer reviews, go to your app’s page in iTunes Connect (under the Manage Your Apps section), click View Details, and then select the Customer Reviews link on the right (shown in the figure below). Use this information to improve user experience.


It is important to fix bugs as quickly as you can, so remember to monitor your app on a regular basis. Add detailed descriptions to each new version of your app to explain what defects were fixed and what new features were added.