How to Set Up the Fire SDK for Developing Apps - dummies

How to Set Up the Fire SDK for Developing Apps

By Michael Burton

Much like developing on Android requires the Android SDK, developing on Fire requires the Fire SDK. Because you already have the Android SDK, installing the components necessary for Fire development is simple:

  1. Open Android Studio and choose Tools→Android→SDK Manager.

  2. In the SDK Manager, choose Tools→Manage Add-on Sites.

  3. Click User Defined Sites, click New, and add the following URL:

    Click Close, and wait for the SDK to download.

  4. Uncheck “Installed” to only show you SDKs that are not yet installed.

    Then check the Amazon Fire Phone SDK Addon, and click Install.

After the SDK is installed, you need to modify your Gradle build file to use the new SDK.

In the build.gradle in the top level of your project (not the build.gradle in your individual app directories), change the line in bold to the following:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''
        classpath ''

In the build.gradle for your app, change your compileSdkVersion to the following:

    compileSdkVersion " Fire Phone SDK Addon:17"

Now you should be able to rebuild your project for the Fire.