How to Set Up an Emulator in Android Studio - dummies

How to Set Up an Emulator in Android Studio

By Michael Burton

An emulator (also known as an AVD) is an Android Virtual Device that looks, acts, walks, and talks (well, maybe not walks and talks) like a physical Android device. AVDs can be configured to run just about any particular version of Android.

Follow these steps to create your first AVD:

1Choose Tools→Android→AVD Manager.

The AVD Manager dialog box opens.

2Click Create a Virtual Device.

Click the Nexus 5 item and click Next.

3In the System Image dialog box, select the Lollipop x86 item.

Click Next.

4In the Configure AVD dialog box, use the default AVD name or change it to a haiku.

Leave everything else alone.

5Click the Finish button.

The figure shows the completed AVD Manager dialog box. You should now see your new AVD listed under Your Virtual Devices.