How to Publish Updates to an iOS App - dummies

How to Publish Updates to an iOS App

By Rajiv Ramnath

Publishing periodic updates to your iOS app is a good idea. No matter how thorough your testing process is, end users will always find ways to break things, so you’ll need updates to address such issues. Also, even if your app is relatively bug-free, advances in hardware and OS technology make consistent updates a necessity. You don’t want your app to appear stale and poorly maintained.

Publishing updates is a simple process, as shown here:

  1. In iTunes Connect, click Manage Your Apps.

    The app management page appears.

  2. Select the app for which you want to publish an update.

  3. Click the Add Version button near the lower-right corner (see Figure Below).

    The app management page in iTunes Connect.

The rest of the process is similar to the one you used to publish the original version of your app. Finish supplying the basic information required in iTunes Connect and use Xcode to do the uploading.