How to Preview an Android Application in the Visual Designer - dummies

How to Preview an Android Application in the Visual Designer

By Michael Burton

To take a look at what the layout of your Android app looks like in the visual designer, click the Design tab to view it, as shown in the following figure.

Previewing an Android App in Visual Designer.

The visual designer has many different possible configurations.

Selecting the Devices drop-down list in the visual designer shows you which devices you can simulate your layout on. You can test out what your app will look like on many different kinds of phones and tablets.

Selecting the Orientation drop-down list allows you to see what your app looks like in portrait and landscape modes.

You can also preview what your app looks like in other languages, on older versions of Android (if you enabled backward compatibility), and on devices that have different default themes.

Using the visual designer allows you to quickly test out your app on various configurations so you can fix bugs quickly without having to load up an emulator for each and every one of those configurations. It’s not a substitute for actually testing on a device, but it can make your development much quicker.

Try out a few other configurations!