Flash Professional Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

By Jodie O'Rourke

Part of Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although you can accomplish every task in Flash Professional by using the mouse and the application bar menu, using keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Flash Professional:

Command Windows Mac
New Ctrl+N Command+N
Open a saved file Ctrl+O Command+O
Close current document Ctrl+W Command+W
Save current document Ctrl+S Command+S
Import: Import to Stage Ctrl+R Command+R
Publish Shift+F12 Shift+F12
Cut Ctrl+X Command+X
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Clear Delete/Backspace Delete/Clear
Duplicate Ctrl+D Command+D
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Command+Shift+A
Zoom in Ctrl++ Command++
Zoom out Ctrl– Command–
Magnification: 100% Ctrl+1 Command+1
Magnification: Show All Ctrl+3 Command+3
Create New Symbol Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Convert to Symbol F8 F8
Break Apart Ctrl+B Command+B
Group Ctrl+G Command+G
Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G Command+Shift+G
Play Enter Return
Rewind Shift+, Shift+,
Test Movie: In Flash Professional Ctrl+Enter Command+Return
Show Tools panel Ctrl+F2 Command+F2
Show Properties panel Ctrl+F3 Command+F3
Show Library panel Ctrl+L Command+L
Show Actions panel F9 Option+F9
Show Align panel Ctrl+K Command+K
Show Color panel Shift+F9 Shift+F9
Show Swatches panel Ctrl+F9 Command+F9
Show Transform panel Ctrl+T Command+T
Code completion (In Actions panel) Ctrl+Space Command+Space
Hide Panels F4 F4

Mac Users: By default, Mac OS hogs the function keys, preventing Adobe applications from using them. To use the keyboard shortcuts that make use of the function keys on your Mac, you need to go to System Preferences→Keyboard. Then, directly below the two sliders, select the Use All F1, F2 etc. Keys as Standard Function Keys check box. You’ll still be able to access the features on your Mac that those keys usually offer by holding down the Fn key while pressing the function key.