Flash Builder Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

By Jodie O'Rourke

Part of Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As you develop mobile apps for Flash, you’ll find that Flash Builder is much easier to work with when you use the little-known shortcuts hidden inside this powerful development tool. Here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Flash Builder:

Command Windows Mac
Build project Ctrl+B Command+B
Compile and run Ctrl+Shift+F11 Command+Shift+F11
Compile and debug F11 F11
Toggle breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Step into breakpoint code F5 F5
Step over breakpoint code F6 F6
Step return – exit current function F7 F7
Continue execution F8 F8
Terminate debugging session Ctrl+F2 Option+F2
Go to line number… Ctrl+L Command+L
Search current document for text Ctrl+F Command+F
Search all files for text Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F
Find declarations of selected function name in project Ctrl+G Command+G
Open file by name search Ctrl+Shift+R Command+Shift+R
Open file class type Ctrl+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Cycle through open files Ctrl+tab Command+tab
Invoke Content Assist Ctrl+Space Command+Space
Go to definition of variable F3 F3
Copy Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste Ctrl+V Command+V
Comment out selected text Ctrl+/ Command+/
Save file Ctrl+S Command+S
New file Ctrl+N Command+N
Show Key Assist Ctrl+Shift+L Command+Shift+L