Checklist for Making Screen Shots of Your iPhone Applications

By Aaron Nicholson, Joel Elad, Damien Stolarz

Part of Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In the Apple store, you need to communicate the function and elegance of your application with smartly selected graphics. You can submit up to five screen shots for your listing. Follow these steps to make your graphics count:

  • Created Primary screen shot

  • Primary screen shot shows what app is and main functions

  • (Optional) Created up to four additional screen shots

  • Additional screen shots support primary screen shot

  • All screen shots are high-quality and easily legible

  • All screen shots are appropriate, both culturally and in terms of maturity

  • Status bar removed from all screen shots (if present)

  • Each screen shot has correct size:

    • 320×460 for Portrait, status bar removed

    • 320×480 for Portrait, full screen

    • 480×300 for Landscape, status bar removed

    • 480×320 for Landscape, full screen