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Basics of Methodologies for iOS Apps

By Rajiv Ramnath

Methodologies for iOS apps are systematic ways of developing software systems (the how) while considering all the other relevant aspects (the why, what, when, who, and where) of these systems.

At this point, you may be tempted to ask, “Why can’t I just write an app? Why do I need to consider these processes — processes that by themselves don’t create value and, in fact, increase cost?” The answer is that software development is complex, and we need processes when doing anything complex in order to predictably meet expectations of functionality, capability, and time.

Commercial software development is so complex that even following good processes doesn’t guarantee success. They just reduce the risk of not meeting expectations. A process is a systematically designed method of developing and maintaining a software system through its lifecycle. Essentially, a process serves as a structure for software development. It helps achieve

  • Repeatability: A software process becomes a recipe you can repeat.

  • Prediction: By repeating the same process, you get better at predicting how and when tasks will be completed.

  • Quality through standardization: By standardizing the process, you can more likely ensure the quality of the product.

  • Continuous, targeted improvement: You can identify components and improve them, and improve them, and improve them, and . . .

  • Training: You can train new folks on a process if it’s been well defined.

  • Traceability: You know what a step in the process is responsible for. You also know the source of each software artifact. So by recording process steps, you achieve what’s known as traceability.

Following a process results in psychological benefits as well, such as building confidence, in both individuals and teams. That said, note the emphasis on design in the preceding definition of a process. Rarely are the processes the same across companies or across different projects within the same company. Process must be customized to be effective.

Designing a software process for a project, product, or enterprise requires a fundamental understanding of what processes are made up of and best practices in processes. So you try to provide a framework consisting of principles and practices for processes and a set of design criteria.